Cheif Keef’s “April Fool” on The Chuck: The Bottom Line

As I scrolled down my Facebook timeline late last night, I noticed a large amount of upset Chief Keef fans. These fans (or not) were expressing extreme disappointment and anger because Chief Keef never showed up at a concert that many purchased tickets for weeks prior. To myself and a select few others, this didn’t come as a shock; not because of the fact that this artist has a reputation for not making his appearances, but because this isn’t the first and won’t be the last time that an artist of celebrity disappoints the people of Charleston, SC and any other “non popular” state or city.

The latest uproar surrounding Rapper Chief Keef’s absence at an Easter concert in my hometown, Charleston, SC has caused me to touch on a few points. 


Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Chief Keef nor am I an expert on the hip hop/rap industry. I am simply stating my opinions based off of my own personal standpoint and experiences. Per usual, your opinions and comments are welcomed:)


Point 1: There is always more than one side to any story. 

While most of us can assume that Chief Keef “april fooled” the city, others think that this was another “janky promoter” situation. Truth is, unless we are the actual promoters behind this event or Chief Keef, we will never know what really happened so it’s probably best to stop making accusations. There is a much bigger picture so no need to waste brain cells trying to figure it out! In any business, whether it’s in music, entertainment or fashion, this type of situation could happen in any city, state or town in the world; however, I hope that this is yet another eye opener for my hometown!

Point 2: Invest in your own craft & career first and people will pay money to support your talent!

There is a continuous cycle of invested money in celebrity talent in not only the city of Charleston, SC, but in most “not so popular” city/states across the country. This is because in most cases, when an artist or famous person comes to town, it’s the most excitement the city sees and it doesn’t happen too often. We put entirely too much emphasis on these celebrities all to end up in disappointments. NEWSFLASH: Local talent, start investing in your OWN careers and stop investing your time, energy and money following the artists that have already reached their peak of successes. It’s not lucrative to operate this way and at some point you will run out of money and still not have your own career off the ground. This money that we keep putting into the hands of Chief Keef and others could be invested in getting our local talent to the next level. In order to reach next level status, you have to do next level things! Period! There is no way around it!  Invest in a good team, promotions, online presence and the list could go on! Would you visit a doctor that never went to medical school? Probably not. Same rules apply in this game.

Point 3: The lack of support in Charleston will continue to cause the city disappointments. 

Once upon a time, the lack of support in Charleston appalled me. Well, lets just say over the last few years that appallment has left me! It took me starting a career of my own in the fashion industry to realize the seriousness of non support we have in our city. Over time, I’ve sat back and observed the pattern of how we choose to support our talent and the pattern never changes. Most wait until a person “blows up” (thanks to outside supporters!) to support them and then they jump on the bandwagon! Most people think that they are supporting you when they “LIKE” your Facebook status, “RETWEET” you tweet on Twitter or listen to your free mixtape. Yes, these are all forms of support but none of these will put money in your pocket or take your career to the next level! Support is actually purchasing our local artist’s albums, mixtapes and booking them for shows in our own cities!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Stop pointing fingers at everyone and get on your OWN grind and make things happen for YOURSELF! Invest in things that will elevate your career rather its in music, fashion, or entertainment. 

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